How to Fight Depression Amidst a Busy Lifestyle

how to fight depression

“I’m depressed, and I need your help!” – this phrase is way harder to convey in words than it sounds for a person who is depressed. The trend nowadays is ‘speaking out.’ We’ve seen it during the ‘#MeToo’ or the ‘#ShoutYourAbortion’ movement. But when the question “How to fight depression?” is asked, are the victims able to cross the barrier of social stigma and speak out? Well, the statistics entirely tell a different story.

This article isn’t about the stats; it’s about the solution. For your information, 1 in every 20 people suffers from depression. So, it can be the person right next to you. You can seek help in many ways, including through online modalities such as psychiatric telemedicine.

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Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s just worsened the scenario of depression. Maybe the #Speakout is working for some ‘Shaharee log’ (Urban people). Still, it’s not working for the majority of the popularity. A busy schedule pretty much is the cherry on top. 

Before coming to the solution, a person needs to understand when he/she is suffering from depression. Because it’s a mental illness, it can be a lot harder to understand than say, Diabetes. Clinical depression is a medical disorder and has a lot of symptoms. Some common symptoms are- a low mood, changes in appetite, loss of interest in things you usually enjoy, sleeping either too much or too little, poor concentration, restlessness or slowness, loss of energy.

In some severe cases, the symptoms can be- feeling worthless or excessively guilty and even recurrent thoughts of suicide. If anyone has at least 5 of these, according to psychiatric guidelines, that person qualifies for a diagnosis of depression. 


fight depression

Fight Depression: Don’t Fear Loneliness

Showing good vibes on social media, posting Sun-soaked tanned selfies with catchy hangtags doesn’t all-time reflect happiness. As soon as you understand this, things can get better for you when scrolling those Instagram feeds. Why do we fear loneliness? Because we think it’s terrible to be alone, bad to not have people around ourselves. The solution relies on you, not outside you. Don’t depend on someone for happiness. If you can’t live with yourself for some time, then think about how boring you are. So, take your time from work, go someplace alone, enjoy yourself, and understand your value.

Fight Depression: Take Adequate Rest

We have created a habit of checking our phones before going to bed. Do you know that the blue light emitted by your phone’s screen can give you sleepless nights? Better keep it away; instead, read a book before going to bed. A good rest is essential for setting the mood for the next day. Clinically 8-hour rest is required for an average adult body.

Fight Depression: Take The Right Kind of Fuel

We know that ‘Depression’ is a mental illness. So, is it starts with the mind and ends within it? No, sometimes, physical problems can trigger mental stress. If a person suffers from a long-time illness, his/her mental state can degrade. Taking the right fuel for our body is the basis of keeping our body healthy. Choose your diet wisely, and fill it with lots of vegetables and fruits. Stay away from fast food. Always remember, ‘dehydration is a soldier’s worst enemy.’ Take adequate water (2-3 liters daily) to fuel your body.

Fight Depression: Stop Unnessecery Conflicts in your Mind

We think overthinking is a mental illness, a disease. Scientist’s day-to-day job obliges them to overthink. Should we consider them as mentally ill? Overthinking isn’t the problem; negative thinking is. When you have conflicts in your mind, try sorting them out based on reality rather than based on beliefs.

Fight Depression: Don’t Take Decisions With A Problematic Mind

It’s quite evident that when you’re in fear or depressed, the decisions you take, out of that 80-90%, end up unsuccessful. The consequences fall upon your already disturbed head, making it even harder. Stay away from making any big decisions in those situations. 

Sometimes the situation gets out of control. Before it gets there, try to understand the behavior of your head and consider reaching out to an expert to fight depression. In the beginning, start talking it out with the closest person.

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