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Musings Of A Hero

September 25, 2011 Chirag 4

It was dawn in the forest – the chirping of the birds, the freshness in the air and the rapidly shrinking blanket of darkness were sure signs. In a flash, Harry was awake,alert and ready […]

Art and Literature

From Darkness Into Light

September 25, 2011 Chirag 1

This story is for all Harry Potter fans, and particularly for those who wanted a better ending. I really liked Deathly Hallows but one fine day, I decided to make my own version of the […]

Life is never black and white. It has shades of grey.
Art and Literature

The Rainbow of my Life

September 23, 2011 Sudhir 21

Shelley wrote , ““Our sweetest songs are those that tell of our saddest thoughts.” What is so special of sadness? Wonder why do we buy grief. We sing of our tragedy, write reams of requiems […]

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From Sextant to a Sex Guru!

September 22, 2011 Sudhir 4

I remember not so long ago, I had attended a workshop on ‘ The Importance of Communication’ in London. Speaker after speaker espoused the need of a good vocabulary. Alas, all these speakers were from […]

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Ms. Batlivala goes on a Fast.

September 20, 2011 Sudhir 0

It is not easy being a socialite. Mrs. Batlivala could be a case study for all the IIMs on how to multitask effortlessly. But the last thing on her mind was IIM. To be fair […]

Airavath KSRTC Bangalore
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The 8.15 from Bangalore- part 1

September 18, 2011 Shiuli 32

It now seemed a long long while ago. The flight had been rough, yet the pain of attending college for yet another semester had managed to tilt the scales of misery in it’s favour. I […]