The Solitary Seawalk

The night was warm shrouded with clouds and I was done with my exams, so mind was chilled unlike the weather. I wished to take a break from the hustle and bustle of regular life and hence around seven thirty in the evening I reached the Malpe sea walk accompanied by my worn out inner soul. Surprisingly my solitary disposition didn’t bother me much.

I started walking. Meantime I found stars had lit up the dull gray sky and there were people who came out to spend good time with families and friends.  Most of them were engrossed in taking pictures as oriented by the recent digital advancements. By observing them I was not grieved by the fact that I didn’t carry my cell phone. I moved almost towards the end of the walk and placed myself on a big rock.

With the strong winds running across my face, playing with my hair and the dancing sea waves breaking on the shore it seemed a different world to me altogether. Soon like a cherry on top of the icing, the bright moon peeped through the dark clouds and within a couple of minutes it illuminated the sky. A mystic charm was cast by its soothing beam as it flooded the atmosphere . What a solace it was to see how the enormous sea bathed in the glistening  moonlight ! For that one hour the ambience made me forget about all my assignments, my deadlines, and all that which keep my brain preoccupied on a daily basis. Yes, sometimes it is blissful to be oblivious.

Once a while detaching oneself entirely from daily affairs proves to be so therapeutic. Just listening to the sounds of the waves lashing against the rocks is far more pleasing than listening to the constant Whatsapp notification pings and being reminded of your everyday chores.
Well an hour passed and I returned downhearted to my room with all the monstrous and claustrophobic routine work engulfing me yet again. Spending some time alone with my flawed self was splendid indeed.

Picture Credits – Chirag Ks

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