Experiments And The Art of dissecting Frogs!

Okay guys. Prabhav had told that i would be posting some pictures taken during the experimental pharmacology practicals. Here they are. If you don not like to see blood and gory pictures i advise you not to read further.

We were worried that we do not have any work to do in the department. Suddenly now we are so busy that all thoughts of any leisure time is itself a dream. Sundays are the only time we have free now, but even that is under threat as we have to prepare for the experiments we would be doing on mondays. These snaps i clicked when we were doing experiments on poor frogs last week.

I am totally against cruelty to animals, but the course dictates that we do these experiments. Please forgive me if these pictures hurt your sensibilities.This is the process of pithing the frog, where a sharp instrument is rapidly inserted into the spinal cord and then into the cranium of the frog to decapacitate it so that we can then dissect the frog for obtaining the tissues we use in our experiments.Immediately after the pithing the frog is completely immobilized and we can begin with the cutting of the skin and exposing the rectus abdominis muscle. The muscle has been removed here and we can see the insides of the abdomen of the poor frog.The rectus muscle is now made ready for the experiment by a process called stabilisation.

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