Washing Powder Nirma

We all know that very few aspects separate a new years eve from an average weekend drinking. It is not the lined up coke or mary all rolled up but, moments in which wishes – that have been imposed – are buried with the joy of togetherness.

We all cruise – for days, months and years together; from one minute to another. To someone, some-where we don’t know; away, far away searching and looking out may be at television, hoardings, other forms of media who’s maximum space and all the funding is taken by advertisements. Advertisement – The loyal assassin working for a merciless giant that is the consumerism. “Don’t sell real-estate / products that’s a tough, sell dreams” is the instruction the best manager / servant swears by to sub-ordinates.

We all need to dream – and this intrinsic need is the weakness on which our basic necessities are raped. Worst yet miss-directed away from things that actually matter. The journey to epitomize this shown glamour never seems to end while heart sprinkled a little here and there – to fuel this search – seems to deplete away. And in the end there not enough left to understand right from wrong, especially when we are constantly bombarded with all that slog-your-ass-to-buy-bullshit bullshit.

We all appreciate the education system but it’s the selfish definition of success that get us, the pursuit of which that has so delicately made us divide away from our families and have multiplied our lives to create a bigger, richer and hungrier ‘consumer-base’. This genesis and after effect of industrial revolution has so effectively replaced value for feelings, family and fondness with value for fake tits, distance from parents and discount for place you grew up in.Washing Powder Nirma

We all are in support of modernization, but in the name of which there is miss-direction from truth – our exploitation done in the false commodity-promise to give us near-life-experience is considerably killing us, however in this present programmed world we are never instructed what true spirit is, love is, it would result in end of search, Well love might be the courage and phase of crazy – It’s not a leap of faith outside yours stubborn prejudices but a moment you realize someone found you despite them. An audacity to accept what you got is the greenest of grass and not fall for filmy pretense and fuck this one up.

We all need some known mob and booze to sum up the year gone by, pick up – one at a time – each sorrow filled moment spent away in this concrete jungle. But more than that a smile and someone to help let go of those innocent imaginings. While waiting to be held, where our fears can dissolve, inhibitions – crash and sanity can be forgotten. And celebrate like no one’s watching, dancing into the new true sun-rise. After all there is no life without love, not worth living for.

We all come together for a new year’s ‘celebration’, a festival of togetherness and carnival of hope and not a joyous funeral of lame unfulfilled directions; that were not required in the first place. It is a new beginning, not a dream but a realization, no matter how small or bold – Hopes and Efforts woven together around friends, family and foes because it’s the people who actually matter not product-tuitions. A hope that happiness will be found, found love will be made and virgin passion will be crowned eternal. All in the moments to come. Have a crazy New Year.

About the Author: Dhaval Kolhapure is an alumnus of the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration. He Blogs at Nomadic Peeps.

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