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Book Review: I Owed You One

Title:  I Owed You One Language: English Author: Madhu Vajpayee Genre:  Contemporary fiction Publisher:  LiFi Publications Pvt. Ltd. (2018) ISBN – 10: 9386191288 ISBN-13: 978-9386191281 Binding: Paperback Price: Rs. 275 (Buy from Flipkart | Amazon) […]


What are employability skills?

Employability skills that employers look for: Some skills are highly specific and require specialist training. However, the general skills and abilities those employers look for, usually referred to as employability skills, are those which can […]


10 tips to a perfect CV

All armed with your post-graduate degrees and diplomas and waiting for an interview call, but unfortunately not getting one? You are wondering why? Are you not talented or graduated from the best institutes of the […]


Effort and Success

Effort is a deliberate conscious attempt both physical and mental with a view to achieve something. This involves application of mind and diligence under proper planning and strategy. Success is not something like a sweet […]