Hidden Gems In Los Angeles And Australia To Visit After COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

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Los Angeles is known for its ethnic diversity, Mediterranean climate, sprawling metropolis, and entertainment industry. On the other hand, Australia has always been a beautiful and wonderful destination to tour or travel over. The sweeping beaches, wild attractions, rugged mountain ranges, flooding rains, and so on are the primary reasons why tourists visit this magnificent country.

But if you think you might have explored all the attractions and destinations Australia and Los Angeles has to offer, think again. Surprisingly, these stunning countries have a lot more to offer, and most of us are yet to see these gems.

For a little help, here are some of the secret places in Australia and Los Angeles that you should explore after the coronavirus restrictions ease. Read on to know more!

Beach Cities In Los Angeles

Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach show the unique and distinct side of Los Angeles beach culture. Whether you are into surfing, beach volleyball, biking, and more, you should not miss visiting the Beach Cities. Moreover, for your accommodation, make sure to book in advance through online booking sites like planetofhotels.com.

Baird Bay, South Australia

This destination is one of the little known places in the world wherein people can swim with seals and wild dolphins. For visitors who do not know how to swim, you can still view these sea creatures from the boat. Baird Bay is packed with activities for tourists, which includes swimming expeditions, shark cage diving, and camping.

Also, the seaside village is working hand-in-hand with tourists assured to seize something during their stay. Baird Bay is located on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula and offers bird watching and bush walks.

Carnarvon National Park, Queensland

This remote and little-known national park is among the best-hidden gems in Queensland. Created decades ago, the beautiful national park featured rock cliffs, adorned and decorated with colorful and lush vegetation, leading the way to the stream that flows underneath it.

The Carnarvon National Park is very wealthy of cultural and natural heritage. A lot of plant species and animals have created their home in the valley, most of which are remains of cooler and wetter times.

Moreover, the Ochre stencils, rock engravings, and more serve as a reminder of the connection of the gorge to the Aboriginal people. Even though this attraction is popular with locals, it’s somewhat a secret that guests know little about.

The Carnarvon National Park will, without a doubt, make for an awe-inspiring and peaceful destination.

Little Beach, Western Australia

Little Beach is surely one of the most beautiful secrets of West Australia featuring white sandy shores and stunning turquoise waters. The beach can be reached via the Heritage Trail and is located in between the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve.

When you arrive here, you will surely enjoy and love a day of snorkeling, fishing, or walking through the bush. Further, the beach is just thirty kilometers east from Albany, and because most people have no idea about this place, you are almost guaranteed to enjoy the beach to yourself.

MacDonnell Ranges

If you want to feel an Australian Outback experience, then head over to the MacDonnell Ranges. Without a doubt, your experience here will be truly unforgettable. The MacDonnell Ranges features scenic and stunning gorges that serve as a home for the distinctive wildlife of the area.

Thanks to at least 650 kilometers stretch of the Ranges through the great Red Centre of Australia. Moreover, if you love to camp, hike, and drive four-wheeled trucks, then make sure to add the MacDonnell Ranges to your itinerary.

Crystal Shower Falls

A stroll or wander through a superabundant rainforest will show you one of the most stunning waterfalls in New South Wales, the Crystal Shower Falls. What’s more, tourists can ascent a bridge, taking them to a rocky cavern, behind the waterfall.

The Crystal Shower Falls is part of the Gondwana Rainforest. Because of this, you will see a lot of towering trees with huge roots on the way to the falls.

Mackerel Islands

The Mackerel Islands of Western Australia consists of ten private islands along the coast. Out of ten islands, two of them offer accommodation to guests so they can stay over.  However, for those tourists who are able to spend more on their accommodation can rent out an island, exclusive to them for one night or a few days.

Moreover, for holidaymakers, Thevenard Island offers cabins. What’s more, the waters encompassing the island are working hand-in-hand with a rich wildlife that has never interacted with humans before.

Additionally, guests can enjoy whale watching, turtle watching, snorkeling, and kayaking.


A lot of people are itching for a dreamy vacation after months of isolation and quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Australian, state borders were locked down because the pandemic, and locals were only allowed to go to the grocery store.

The good news is that the Prime Minister of Australia explained a three-step plan to alleviate the coronavirus restrictions. Under this plan, some holiday destinations can be accessed. Regardless, never forget to practice the correct safety measures such as constant hand washing and wearing a mask.

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