Wonderland – Shashant Purohit


Wonderland - shashant purohit 1Many days and many nights,

I always view the world so bright,

Up and down round and round,

Cool in the breeze, grey grey cloud,

I saw dream, the dream was sound,

Right from the ocean, left with the crown,

It was my land, yes MY WONDERLAND,

Sun with color, moon with shower,

Road with flower, and race with power,

I dream big, dream so big,

Mud in dig, fight for rig,

Every weekend i shout TRIP TRIP TRIP,

With Family and Friends,

With guest and best friends,

It was my land, yes MY WONDERLAND,

No annoying schools and no annoying H.W’s (home work)

No annoying class and no annoying C.W’s (class work)

Ice-cream shops and Candy Street,

No fights, no slaps no trap trap,

No bullshits and no crap crap,

I never walk but get long drive,

BMW and mercedes ride,

I don’t know what my way is,

I don’t show where my golden ray is,

It’s my secret and my trend,

It was land, yes MY WONDERLAND,

I want fame, i want frame,

I want every, every shade,

I fix roller (roller coaster) in every lane,

Every slide from the height,

With thunder and sprinkling rain,

Up from the hill, down to the pool,

Everyone shout “pull pull pull”,

Evening sunset with no regrets,

Everyone hope for the best,

For better tomorrow and better sun rise,

For better humanity and better glory light,

My land is small, my land tronc,

No tears and never ever shrun,

Finally i get to bed and want to lay,

I welcome here to come and play,

Off course it’s my land,

Beautiful WONDERLAND..!

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  1. “I saw dream, the dream was sound,
    Right from the ocean, left with the crown,”
    +1 for these lines!

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