Wonderland – Kamalpreet Kaur


Wonderland - Kamalpreet Kaur 1despair, broken heart, tears and cries

is all i could see through tears in her eyes

trembled i, at the sight so weird

for everyone moved but noone heard

there i realised, what matters is the view

for most can just ‘ve the sight and the hue!

people can hear the God, so lifeless

couldn’t they listen to a life; so heartless!

the Mother they worship, the girl they kill

and then expect God to come in the heart and live..


for time changes, tears dry and disappear

weak travels through to strong, i hear

and stand then they, with their strength and the strong

watch then they, the weak and who longed

why should she then come to their help

for they also watched her miserable and left

but remember should she, His Wonders and His Light

for Wonders can’t happen without His Might

this Wonderland does seek many stories in days

people live and then forget in their days

the Mighty should care and help us see

for without Him, what are we?


opened her Eyes, she realised Him in beats

this need and help might ‘ve come through Him

the li’l she helped, the Wonders it done

sought their blessings, their heart she had won

Similar Eyes had got now heard

after the need, now he smiled through tears

Wonder had happened, Mother he had heard

for there was nothing to which he now had fear

his small house was in debt in years

now seemed like a WONDERLAND to his eyes when he cleared

in the first beat after the smile, he realised

Wonders dont happen only, to the wise

live simple, don’t go for the hidden!

WONDERS happen!! Seek Power Within!!!

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