Wonderland – Anushree Ghosh


Wonderland - anushree ghosh 1Moments sold by water lanterns;

If missed, caught with rainbow shackles!
Where serenity is callous and virgin,

Haunts for the dirtiest heart,

And hypnotizes it for gratification;

The momentary survival changes ages,

Coating it with natural sweeteners,

The after effect remains unmarred.
Where the bohemian man writes for procreation;

Making eccentricity so relevant,

That the unimaginative world moves with passion.
Surrounding breeze rejuvenates the vector to music

Strings and notes become rhythmic waves of desires

And dancing dreams cross your way on every stop.


Where there is no ultimate destination,

Smoky truth melts away the somber facts;

And insanity is justifiable,

There lies the cue for parasitic bliss.


And where you honor your presence till the alternating truth resurrect.

Holding the real you in your shadows and skipping the alternate you,

You walk till the shadow dies, and the world seems as a wonderland of dwelling dice.

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