Explore the Diverse Culture of Turkey

Turkey is an amazing country that offers different kinds of attractions to travelers. When looking for a tourist destination this country is incredible to explore. The country has fascinating blend of cultures such as attractive historic and cultural sites. Some of the attractions include historical buildings, modern museums and galleries, religious sites, among others.

Cultural attractions in Turkey

1) Hagia Sofia Istanbul

It is located within the city of Istanbul and has a number of outstanding attractions. It has good architectural designs. It was originally a church and later it was changed into a mosque. Nowadays it is serving as museum.

2) Museum of Anatolian civilization

This museum is housed in two historical surroundings dating back from the time of Ottoman Empire. It has everything that dates back to the country’s rich history, therefore a fascinating place to explore. It has artifacts from the Neolithic, Paleolithic, Hittite and Uratu. This museum covers every civilization that has taken place in the country over the centuries.

Beauty of Turkey

3) Xanthos near Antalya

This is the ruins of the ancient city of Xanthos. It was the capital of Lycia. In addition, it has been marked as the UNESCO heritage site, therefore a brilliant place to explore once as tourist. A tourist can easily see what was left in the homes, temples and mosques, however there are few structures still standing. The funerary monuments are the only features still intact. The ancient Lycian language was also found in the remains of this city and the neighboring Leton.

4) Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

It’s located in southwest Turkey, in the city of Bodrum. The crusaders built it as the castle of St Peter. The Bodrum castle houses this museum. Some of the things it show cases includes artifacts recovered from ancient shipwrecks. It also exhibits the remains of the shipwrecks that were found on the seabed. Another thing exhibited is the Uluburun, which dates back to the 14th century.

5) Mount Nemrut

This is found in southeastern Turkey and is 7000 ft. high. Major tourists’ attractions are the tomb, the king’s statue, two lions, two eagles and many Greek and Persian Gods built on it. Due to tear and wear, the heads of the statues have toppled from the bodies and lay scattered throughout the site. The other advantage of the site is that its summit gives a good view of all the other mountains. Watching the sunrise from the eastern terrace gives the statues a beautiful orange hue which offers a great view.

Turkey by The Sea

6) Blue Mosque

It has six minarets and sweeping architecture that is really impressive from the outside. Though it is a mosque, it is one of the major tourist attractions in Istanbul. It was constructed during the years 1606 to 1616. 20000 Blue tiles are present in the ceiling, designed in different patterns hence giving the mosque its name. Finally, like any mosque it contains the tomb of the founder.

This is just a brief view of the attractions in Turkey, there are still many features. For you to visit the country you need to apply for Turkish visa. This can be done by visiting their foreign office. It is critical that you do not overstay your visa to avoid being fined, charged or extradited.

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