Ketty Valley- Our Very Own Switzerland


The Wonderous Ketty Valley:

The gorgeous and enticing hill station of Ooty possess an old-world-charm and is a big recluse from the chaos of city life. The town of Ooty is visited by tourists from every part of the country. While there are many sights to see in and around Ooty, Ketty Valley is the most beautiful and the largest valley in the Nilgiris. This makes Ketty valley a must-visit place in your list. Located along the Ooty-Coonoor highway, this quaint town in the Nilgiri district is one of the unique viewpoints in Ooty. More than often, the breathtaking panoramic views of Ketty Valley are compared to the views of Switzerland. Villages of Ketty Valley are home to many tribes, the Todas and the Bagadas being two of the many. The views of Ketty valley can be intimately enjoyed all the more beautifully and majestically from the telescope room. Ketty Valley has a lot to offer for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and anyone who wish to have a sweet summer vacation. From lush forests to the vast tea-estates to alluring hikes and treks in the Nilgiris, Ketty valley’s charm is prepossessing.

Things to do in Ketty Valley:

If you are fascinated by the culture of Tamil Nadu and interested in knowing and learning about it, then Ketty Valley must be topping your charts of the to-do list. Bird- watching and trekking are also some of the activities that make people from all over the country flock Ketty Valley. It is famously known as a heaven for photographers.

How to reach Ketty Valley:

The best time to visit Ketty Valley, Ooty is Summer. There are many ways to reach Ketty Valley. But the best is hiring a taxi as you get to avoid crowds and take all the mesmerizing sights along the way. Traveling to Ooty by road is a thrilling and enjoyable experience which one must not miss. Take a road trip from Coimbatore to Ooty and enjoy the magnificent views of nature on the way. The Coimbatore to Ooty taxi fare is cheap, and the ride is comfortable and scenic. Book a clean cab with an experienced driver in Coimbatore and drive up to Ketty Valley and admire the serenity of nature. The route is Coimbatore- Coonoor- Ooty, and the total distance is approximately 90 kilometers. It is a straight route with quality roads and lovely views of nature. Starting from Coimbatore in the afternoon is very much preferred as there is less traffic on the streets during that time. If you are fortunate enough, you may also spot some elephants and deers on your way to Ooty. You may also stop on your way to take in the beauty of the surroundings. Going through the tea-estates, natural gardens and waterfalls make this road trip totally worth it for anyone.

Ketty Valley is an offbeat side of Ooty. Located in the astonishing hills that sprawl from Coonoor to Ooty is the incredible Ketty Valley. Nature is at its best in this spectacular place, and calmness and peace nestle in its laps. Visit this fantastic place to uplift your spirit and rejuvenate your mind.


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