Why so Serious?

Why is that we are never happy with what is around us and is easily accessible to us. It’s a human tendency to like and admire things away from us rather than appreciating things around us. We don’t know how good our life was when we were in school being a child until we became an adult enough to be thrown out in this world without our parents being there for us. We don’t understand the importance of a person in our life until they leave us all alone.

                                                                                                     Not knowing what you had until it’s gone.


Happiness is only felt when we have experienced its counter-part i.e sadness. Next very thing is, a person can never be happy with a particular thing, he always wants a little extra and  greed is always there. We just elevate our expectation limit to such a level from where we can’t see the effort and expect it to be a little more than the usual. This is probably the major cause these days for increasing depression and jealousy among people. If your friend got 94.5% and you got 94% you won’t be satisfied. I am not saying it’s wrong, healthy competition is always good but comparing your potential to someone just for the sake of being superior is not right.

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Our minds are extraordinarily complex mechanisms full of intermingled strings of experiences and coinciding incidents, linking together all our memories, all our emotions and in essence, our entire being. To understand and cherish a moment we need to look at both the aspects trying to figure out our happiness rather than thinking what else could have been to us. Life is a short journey which has different aspects each lasting for a certain time period. If we miss them thinking about something better to be in store for us, it is our fault.


So just live and cherish each and every moment of your life hoping for the best to come and learning from the mistakes you have done. You are only going to live each and every moment once and then there’s no U turn in life.

                                                              Do not take Life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.


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