When the Sun Wept – Sushant Ghildyal

I walked the sea shore
as the evening was dying.
A quick glance above
revealed the Sun to be crying.

Said I ” Mighty Apollo, Why
do you lament and cry?A Weeping Sun
Do you fear the ocean abyss
or are you afraid to die?”

He wiped his tears and spoke:
“Ignorant mortal, what do you know of death?
Have you ever embraced it
or ever had a last breath?

It is not my end that I fear,
for I met him just yesterday.
I weep, thinking of my absence,
of what happens here, when I do not stay.

The ocean now weeps my death
and funeral songs these birds sing.
Even the sky has turned mellow
to show to the earth it’s mourning.

But this ocean, at night
as a child shall play with the moon.
These birds will be lost in slumber
and the winds shall whistle a merry tune.

Even the sky, my eternal brother, shall be vain,
decorated with million ornaments and a crown.
They all shall forget who I was,
their friend who just had drowned.

I sat on the sands
and heard the Sun’s sorrowful tale.
I thought for a while as I
gazed at the distant ships that away sailed.

I said then to the Sun :

Mighty Apollo, as you today die,

Malpe Beach Requiem

a part of you stays behind.
In the hearts of the ocean, the birds and the sky
and also in this little memory of mine.

Do not weep, for we are mere
actors in this life of yours.
All of you are in mine.
Strangers on my soul’s shores.

They all may seem joyful
comforted by the silence of the night,
but they’ll embrace you in love
when you be born again bright.

Today was just another scene
that You and I did together play.
Your part is over for now,
but it’ll come again another day.

The Sun deeply reflected upon this
and wiping all his tears, lost all regret.
He then gently kissed the ocean water
and embraced with open arms, his old friend death.

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