Top 5 less known eating joints in Manipal.

Big restaurants are always well known to people for their pompous menus, fine dining, excellent service and ambiance but still there are some small paces located somewhere in the corner of the road hiding behind tall buildings but serving their specialties in the best way.

This is the list of top 5 such places in Manipal.

#5: Pai Canteen.

It’s a small place, a very small place on the end point road next to Nik’s Paradise building. It doesn’t have lavish menu and good seating arrangements but the idli, vada, sambhar and rasam it serves tops the charts along with its special tea and lassi. Due to its small carpet area and improper seating facility Pai Canteen gets #5.

#4: DC Office Canteen.

Located behind DC office main building on the end point, the place serves top of the class gulab jamuns and dahi raita in this area. to add up, I guess these people have the skill to make perfect round rotis and naans. Gravy’s they serve are not up to the mark and comparable to most of the places. Their Dal Tadka with jeera rice is a must have. Due to its inconvenient location, DC Office Canteen goes to #4.

#3: Kinara Lunch  Home

This place is on the planetarium road near sky lounge and was started by a fisherman and is being run by his next to kin. This place still continues the tradition of serving on the Banana Leaf and specializes in fish items only. If you love plain sea food with not much of decorations and a simple spice palate then you should definitely eat here once. Due to its strict “only fish items during lunch time” policy and staff talking only in local language, this place stands on #3.

#2: Rasoi.

Situated right next to Kinara Lunch Home, Rasoi specializes in Rajasthani Food items especially litti and choorma. It is a strict vegetarian place with typical ambiance which matches the food and mood of the place. If you are short on cash and want to eat tummy-full, then this is the place for you.Due to its good quality inexpensive meals, Rasoi is  on #2.

#1: Medan Selera.

This newly opened place in located under Angel’s Court next to Mandavi Paradise Apartments. Medan Selera specializes in Malaysian and Chinese items promising the authentic taste and quality. Ambiance is very calm and service is very quick. The most impressive item is the various platters which are very very cost effective and satisfying in every way. although it falls behind in Indian Items, it compensates them with other items and “special of the day” on the menu. Due to its good service, cleanliness, cost effectiveness and quality-quantity ratio, Medan Selera tops the chart of top 5 less known eating joints in Manipal.

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    • Agree.. I was about to tell the same..

      But loved eating at Medan Selera.. Especially the Nasi Ayam..

      Do you know any other place that has good Nasi Lemak or Nasi Ayam in Manipal??

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