What the Olympics Teach Us About College

The London Olympic Games just finished, and people everywhere, sports enthusiasts or not, were caught up with the Olympic spirit. There’s something about watching competition unfold and athletes realize their dreams that is so fun to watch.

Have you ever thought about the Olympic Games in relation to your education? It may seem like a stretch, but here are three things the Olympics teach us about college.

It Takes Perseverance

Any athlete will tell you that to excel at their sport they have to practice hard, endure rough training and preserver through the thick and the thin. Perseverance means working hard, and achieving your goals no matter the circumstances.

College students need perseverance to endure tough class schedules, thesis papers and rough finals. As you work through your degree program, remember that your perseverance will pay off. Don’t be discouraged by the bumps in the road you will undoubtedly face, and don’t give up, no matter what comes your way.

It Takes Dedication

Along with perseverance, Olympic athletes have a strong dedication to their sport. They have been training for years, often sacrificing other things to improve their performance. Athletes do what it takes, including training, healthy eating and exercising so that they can succeed.

If you have dedication as you take on college, you are much more likely to succeed. Do whatever it takes to focus on school and do well in your classes. If you are dedicated to your goal of earning your degree and doing well in your courses, you will do what it takes to get the job done.

It All Pays Off

In the end, Olympic athletes are greatly rewarded for their hard work. Whether they medaled or not, they had the experience of a lifetime and accomplished the amazing feat of qualifying to compete in the Olympics. Their hard work brought a huge reward.

When you earn your degree, you will also be hugely rewarded. All those all-nighters, long days and hard tests will pay off and you’ll be more ready and qualified to start a new career.

Working through college isn’t the easiest thing to do. It’s full of trial and error, struggles and lots of learning. However, these things will all help you grow and become a better person. If you can persevere through the tough time and dedicate yourself to your educational goals, you will reap great rewards when you awarded your college degree.

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