How To Take Proper Care Of Your Automobile Tires?

automobile tires
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When you own a car, you must take care of it after you buy it. If you don’t care about your car, it will crash quickly. Especially the automobile tire system. The tire system is the most quickly broken part of the whole car. You should maintain the tire system of your car regularly.

Take care of your automobile tire system
Take care of your automobile tire system

Why do you need to care about the car tire system?

Tires are an important part of the vehicle system. They act as a platform for both the vehicle and the vehicle to operate. Without wheels, the car could not leave. Tires are quick wearing parts because they come in direct contact with the road surface. Thus, the driver when checking his car should check the tire system first.

According to the statistics of the number of car accidents in the world, 40% of the reasons for accidents are because of tires. Tires play a very important role in car operation. To cut the unfortunate accident caused by tires, you must check and maintain them. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure safety for himself and others.

Car tires are not a replaceable part. Each unfamiliar vehicle will have an unfamiliar tire. Your car needs its own tire. So, to find a suitable tire is very difficult. That’s why tires are very expensive. If you maintain your tires, you can cut the cost of replacing expensive tires.

Ways to take proper care of your automobile tires 

Observe the tire system daily

Every time you use a car, your tires come into contact with the road surface. This exposure will bring a lot of harm to the tire. The road surface will tire. Tire spikes will also wear off. Meanwhile, tire spikes play a very important role. When the tread wears off, the safety of the tire gone.

You should have a habit of observing the tire system before and after driving a car. This is an agreeable habit. Checking your tires before you leave will help you spot tire problems. If you have serious problems, can fix them. Thus, the next route will not risk the occurrence of unfortunate accidents.

After using the car, you also need to check the tire. After a day of traveling, it is likely that the tires will deteriorate because of some reason. Checking the tire system helps you make timely repairs. Checking your tires is for your own safety. Paying attention to details such as scratches on the body, holes, tread parts. 

Check tire life

Anything will have a lifetime, and so will a tire. For each different tire, the manufacturer will give it a certain period of use. This shelf life depends on the quality of the tire such as thickness, material, design, and machining process. After that expiry date, the tire will no longer be usable. We must know the service life of tires for proper use. When the tires were no longer usable, you need to replace them with a set of new tires. You can visit for can see more detailed tire reviews. Also, make sure to check the tire size before purchasing a new tire.

However, the longevity and durability of a tire depending on the frequency of use, the driving style of the driver, the tire maintenance, and the terrain of the vehicle. When you use the car in dangerous terrain, the tire will break faster. When you drive properly, the tires will also break faster. Used tires are also more susceptible to damage than less used tires.

Therefore, when examining tire life, you need to consider other issues. 

Pay attention to the air pressure of the tire

checking automobile tire pressure
Use the air pressure gauge to check automobile tire pressure

Experts recommend checking your tire pressure at least once a month. This is an indispensable test when you service a car tire. It is important because the level of air in the tires affects the quality of your vehicle.

When the tire has enough amount of air, it shows the feeling of driving. Then you will feel the smoothness of the tires. But lack of air tires leads to slow and wobbly vehicles. When the tire is too tight, the tire will fail because of strong friction on the road surface.

You should check the air pressure to know if your tires have enough air volume or not. Air pressure in tires affects tire life. There are many tools to check air productivity. You can use them at home instead of taking your car to a service shop.

Check for tire spikes

Tire spikes are an indispensable design for tires. Because of the need to go on many terrains, the tread will help the car handle that terrain. Tire spikes have a suitable depth to ensure they are suitable for unique types of roads.

When we use the car, the depth of the tread will wear away. Because tires friction with the road surface and the road wears them out. When your tires lose spikes, replace them. This condition is visible.

You should not ignore the thorns. Tread no longer shows your tire has worn off. Meanwhile, the tire punctured by nails or gravel. Besides, tire depth allows the vehicle to grip the road. When the tire wears off, this efficiency will go. It is dangerous when you drive, especially with steep terrain.

Turning the tire helps to extend the life

automobile tire rotation
Periodic automobile tire rotation

The act of rolling the tires helps to extend life and improve safety when you use the car. Turning is the act of repairing a tire and repairing it in a fresh angle. Thus, the wear of the tire will be divided among the surfaces. This is a way of protecting the shape of a tire. Tires will not have worn on one side, the other is no longer available.

If the tire has an unbalance condition because the tire wear is not the same, you will be in danger of driving. Thus, to ensure safety, it is advisable to turn the tires.

Experts recommend that you roll the tire every 5,000 km. This should have a fixed schedule. It means that you set the tire reversing rule from the beginning. If you roll out the tire every 5,000 km. Maintain that habit. Or every 6000 km roll tires once. It is up to you to choose and keep it.


This article gives some experience to take proper care of your automobile tires. If you have questions, leave a comment below the article and we will answer. Thank you for following the article. See you in the next posts.

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