What Happens Once You Earn the Coveted Cisco CCNA Certification?

cisco ccna certification

Do you want a big leap in your professional life? How about a boost in your technical knowledge and skills? The Cisco CCNA certification is one of the most practical ways to improve your IT career. And if you’re still undecided, don’t worry. We’ve gathered all the remarkable perks granted to every Certbolt certified through the list below.

Equips you with foundational knowledge in the IT landscape and its key features

A major reason why the Cisco CCNA certification is very popular among IT professionals is that it serves as a curated accreditation that covers all the core aspects of information technology. It ensures that you master the ins and outs of IT, specifically the network architecture, network access, IP connectivity, and IP services. Along with that, it encompasses the security fundamentals, automation features, and programmability aspects.Cisco ccna certification

Prepares you for a more challenging IT career

Having a solid knowledge of Certbolt gives you an advantage in handling technical issues. It allows you to efficiently deal with basic tech problems and provide accurate solutions. The coverage of the exam is extensive yet highly strategic for you to be accustomed to today’s IT networks and cybersecurity aspects.

Serves as a badge of your willingness to improve your skills

Completing the Cisco CCNA certification is more than just a validation of your technical aptitude. It signifies your disposition to grow and your inclination for professional development. And with the Certbolt on your account, it means that you are ready to dive into more challenging tasks.

Establishes your credibility as a tech professional

Acquiring a solid foundation of the IT components gives employers a heads-up that you are a credible asset to the team. Your skills can provide a positive contribution to the company. In addition, it reflects your capabilities to take on key responsibilities from the upper management.

Boost your confidence to better in your job role

Self-esteem is important to keep you interested and motivated to do your tasks. Having a certification as acclaimed as Certbolt, fuels your confidence and even helps in building up your self-assurance. Accordingly, it supports the growth of reliance on yourself ― that you can complete responsibilities efficiently and successfully.

Supports a variety of IT job roles

cisco ccna certifcationThe Cisco CCNA certification is a remarkable tool for various IT professionals. These can be of great help to entry-level network engineers, network support technicians, help desk technicians, and even network administrators. But since the certification itself does not come with formal prerequisites, anyone can actually pursue the accreditation. It’s just recommended to have at least 1 year of experience in handling Certbolt for a more seamless learning journey.


Step up your career to the next level with the Certbolt credential. This path gives you the opportunity to solidify your basic IT skills and establish your technical aptitude to become more reflective of the demands of today’s industry. So, go over the preparation stage and aim for the Cisco 200-301 exam, which serves as the only requirement to earn the coveted accreditation.

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