A Weekend in Manipal by Abhigyan Anand

Honestly, its pretty hard to decide for a title for what must be the wildest trip I’ve taken ever. It was one of those places where being alive forever didn’t count for enough. Every second wasted sleeping was a second I had lost forever. Such were the thoughts that kept messing up my head while I was coming back from a weekend in Manipal after a 4 day trip there.

I live in a secluded town curtained to the “worldly distractions”, as they call it here, devoid of all that could spice up our lives even a little. Now, I ain’t the kind of person who listens or even follows the kind of crap that goes on around me here. So as soon as I got my first real holiday of the year I was off to Manipal. Why Manipal? Well just because it’s a place where approx a hundred closest friends of mine live.

Well really when I came to this place it was just supposed to be a quite day with some of my closest friends remembering the old days and joking around on our foolish past. What ignorance right!

I mean who comes to Manipal with a silent weekend in mind. I must have been crazy!

Now to describe the place, I have no idea where to start. To begin with the amazing landscapes I saw before I even set foot in this place or the equally awe-inspiring scene I saw after I landed here. Really!!! It was 6 in the morning and the view of fog settling on the huge hostels with the sun barely managing to come into the scene was simply stupendous. A great way to begin things for my entry to Manipal or should I say Manipal engineering college because its more or less the the whole place really!

I come from Jamshedpur so for all those at Manipal it’s needless to say that I knew quite a few people in the area. So I knew I had the option to stay at any of the numerous hostels my friends lived in, for a colony as huge as the Manipal hostels it doesn’t really matter which one I chose to stay. By the time I passed three blocks I swear I met at least half of my schoolmates!

Well it’s a fact that most people, mostly parents, think of Manipal to be a distracting place which does not have the ambiance required for a student to study. For those people I would like to state that this is the one place I have witnessed to have provided students with every kind of facility there needs to be. Isn’t it up to the student himself/herself to decide what needs to be done and what not? If anyone would ask me, I would honestly say, it is the person and not the place that matters and in defense of Manipal, you wouldn’t find a better place to be.

Manipal exam weather

Coming back to my trip, well, I dunno where to start. The awesome reunion of old friends or the amazing places we went. Frankly every one of those incidents were so good, an author could make a full book out of it. Well I’m a football fanatic so I just can’t go on without mentioning the amazing grounds, with the lush green grass which just pulls you every evening to play ball with your buddies and have a gala of a time.

What impressed me the most about the place was the amazing energy that buzzed around and never seemed to end. Be it a hot sunny afternoon or a cool evening or rainy in betweens. Nothing seemed to oust the other.

I was standing at KC one evening, and it just amazed me how every individual seemed to make a difference to the place. It’s the culture here at Manipal that’s so hard to copy and the spirit that pushes everyone out here to live on the edge and still take up the whole place.

Well these were my views as an outsider on this little trip to this quaint little town. I may have missed quite a many places to speak about but hey that’s what the next trip will be for!! Cheers to Manipal.

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