The Week Before Synergy

The feeling of being new to this dream called college was just starting to wear off in everyone’s mind when it was renewed by an event that every fresher in the college has been waiting for – “The fresher’s party!” AKA Synergy.

Synergy, that literally means combined action. And how true! This synergy includes the combined action of all the students of 2013 batch working together to create a show spectacular enough to blow everyone’s mind away. It reminds everyone that we have just arrived at this place and this is a chance to leave a mark, to showcase our talent to everyone in the college. Where else will someone get a chance to tell the world, rather their world for the next 5 and a half years at least, about all the amazing things they can do?


Since the first announcement of the theme, people have been looking at everyone else’s clothes and deciding whether they match retro, or metro.

What is the other person wearing? What about shoes? Accessories? Hairstyles? The discussion is never ending. I don’t know about boys, but the girls really are gearing up to go to the party of their lives.

It seems like even the teachers are helping the students to go all out for this event. Why else will they give us a day off in both the weeks preceding synergy? They’ve given us ample time to go shopping and the students did not waste this opportunity. On both the holidays Mangalore’s most populated area – City Centre Mall was even more crowded with students looking for retro and metro themed dresses. Within a day, more than 50 headbands and even more dresses were sold. Not even for Diwali have I seen such a shopping spree!

And then came the auditions. Some were chosen, others were not. Some were angry, others were not. But in the end the festive mood took over and all was forgotten. After a long and controversial process, finally the practices began with great zest and excitement. The same lecture halls from which we couldn’t escape fast enough after the long and sleepy classes are now filled with music and laughter till past curfew. Now, nobody rushes to leave the melodious environment created by the band. Every empty space has been converted to a dance floor. With the big day just around the corner, the performances are being perfected, costumes being finalised and stakes being raised. No efforts have been left to impress the seniors.

If the week before synergy is this exciting, I can’t wait to see how amazing the actual party will be. I’m also worried, that after so much joy, will there be a dullness in the environment after the big day? All will be found out in time. For now, gear up for Synergy!

About the author: Kruttika Singh is a first year MBBS student at KMC, Mangalore.

Edited by: Manognya Chekragari

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