Waiting For You – A Poem by Kamakshi Subramanian

Waiting+for+you+ +Kamakshi+Subramanian
Image: By Diana Pinto

I walk along the craggy sea,
With music alone for sympathy,
Is it only a day since you left?
But this torture’s like eternity.

My fingers strum each plaintive note,
My heartstrings weep in symphony,
The chilly wind blows wildly,
With the roaring sea for company.
Will the timbre of my song
Strike a chord in your heart,
To make you stop in your tracks,
And come rushing to my arms?

Or would my frantic calls in vain,
Stir no pang in your being,
And stone-deaf you trudge along,
Without a fleeting glance?

So here I wait, an anxious wait,
Will you keep your date?
An answer to my song I seek,
Right here along the creek.

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