My Great Love – Trisha Sharma

Here,I lay in a dark corner,
replaying my past over and over
The good times we shared,
now all seems lost
I can still remember the twinkle in your eye,
when you first saw me,
I could see it in your eyes, you were charmed beyond belief
You loved the way I made you feel, you told me
You loved the way I held you close..
You loved to show me off to your friends with pride
You asked me times innumerable
How could I love you so,
You weren’t rich, you hadn’t much to offer
Your self esteem was low
But all I ever saw,
were your beautiful eyes
your enchanting perfume,
your innocent smile
and your ability to brighten a room..
I vowed eternity with you that summer,
promised to put you before me, now and forever
Little did I know , as fate would have it
My vow would be put to test very soon
I still remember the horrible day
when went biking together at noon
Surrounded by the beauty of nature, we soaked up the sun
When out of nowhere,a blue van took a sharp turn
Before we could realise, our bike kissed the ground
I hugged you close as we grazed along the road
you closed your eyes,i could sense your fear
that was the worst feeling I’d ever have to bear
You took to your legs after lying awhile
you dusted your knees, there wasn’t much harm
You immediately turned to me, eyes filled with tears
You realised why you weren’t hurt,all with an alarm
Its because I took the runt as I’d stuck to you close
As I lay there, numbed with joy
My love was safe,what else could I want
You sat there mourning my wounds awhile
then quietly picked your bike and drove us home..
Your mother was there, shocked in heart and mind
She hugged us with relief and stroked your hair
Thanked God for being so kind..
She lifted your chin and whispered in your ear
It’s alright honey, we can buy you another sweater!!
She sat there , trying to cheer you up
Promised to replace me with a fashionable new sweater!!
There you were, you could smile again
and I could see it in your eyes, you would love again
Here I lay, in a dark corner of your shelf
Telling tales of how I saved my love to the belt on the left..

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