S.S. (Farewell) – Poem by Utkarsh Tripathi

S+S+Farewell+ +Utkarsh+Tripathi

You feel like a haunted spirit,a shadow of a once lively face;
Your eyes look sad and weary,But even your mourning oozes grace;
I look in your eyes and wonder what is so wrong;
What in this world has hit you so strong;

Sometimes I feel I hear a plea for help,Yet Your silent lips say nothing;
But your eyes sometimes betray your helplessnesss,yet your silence is persisting;
Somehow I feel as if its me who needs to break this wall;
If hurting me soothes your pain a bit,I won’t mind this pain at all;

You are a constant in my dreams as of late,even there you look all gloomy;
Your plea for help is not unheard my princess,but I can’t help if you won’t let me;
What can your knight in shining armour do if the princess shows lack of trust;
If you say once I will gladly jump in your war,but your indifference crushes me to dust;

It is as if you have an alternate world woven around you,Where everything follows alternate laws;
I can not tell you of that world my princess,But in this one you won’t escape fate’s claws;
All I can do is to keep fate at bay,Long enough so that you live your life;
I beg of you at least live your life in peace,For the afterworld is rife with strife;

And when the time finally comes at last,To bid this world good bye;
I’ll follow you in the dark,For with you my responsibilities lie;
So smile my princess,have no worry,there is long time before we face that test;
You need not worry,i’m your guardian angel besides your soul my soul will rest…………

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