Utopia – Dhruv Arora


Utopia - dhruv arora 1I dreamt that I dreamt of a different world,
A world where pain was not a consequence
Of love; A land where music unfurled
Into colours; I dreamt of a different world..

A place afar where love was trivial,
Compared to us, to me and you;
A world devoid of resentment and lust,
A heaven that you and I construed.
A place where nobody else exists,
Where it would just be you and I;
A lustful kiss, eternal bliss,
Just us and the violet sky…

I dreamt that I dreamt of a land afar,
Where you loved me as I loved you;
I dreamt of an infant shooting star,
And yet all I wished for, was to be with you.
A place where you were not afraid,
Of believing you were made for me;
Where the skies were purple; the grass was blue,
And you and I were meant to be.

I know not if such a world exists,
Or if it’s all just in my head..
A land where I would sleep with you,
Just to watch you lie in bed.
I know you fear what lies ahead,
As your soul agitates to the hollow noises,
And you hang on to the feeble thread;
As your mind litigates the supressed voices.
I wish you’d have faith; that you’d wait and see
The world that I’ve dreamt for you and me.
Where you’d wake up to the shooting stars,
A world of strawberries, cream, and milkybars,
Where the tides would carry you up high,
And the ocean would wipe your tears;
Where you would follow your whims, and I,
Would subdue all your fears.

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