The Usual Sunday Expedition: End Point.

Just as any usual Sunday morning. we and some friends set out to End Point, one of the finest places in such a close vicinity. Here are some pictures.
As I have always repeated, please open the links in new tabs to see the pictures in their original size.
IMG 1111
A colorful morning.

IMG 1304
The DC Office. Whoa!

IMG 1308 Copy
Messing with the colors.

IMG 1308
The first view from/at End Point.

IMG 1309
In the midst of tree.

IMG 1312
The Jogging Track: Trailing around…

IMG 1313
Another view. Same place.

IMG 1314
Same view. (Yes, same place.)

IMG 1321
Sun down (and out). The first palette of colors.

IMG 1356
From the End Point garden.

IMG 1357 Stitch
Slowly transcending into night…


  1. @Aditya: Was it your ipad that clicked these photos? It must really be a good camera man!!

    @Photoshop Hater: Hmmm…. Ironic to see that your URL points to tips on photoshop 😛

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