The beauty that is Manipal House

MG 4434
All that is Manipal

Hello my dear Shutter Bugs, here are some of the pictures taken inside the Manipal House next to MIC. This place provides a perfect fodder for all amateur photographers and also a perfect location for photoshoots! (I did two photoshoots in here and truly loved the experience!) Though this place is a little creepy, it has every antic fallen around to fascinate you. Do visit this place, though you would need prior permission from the guards at the gate. Happy clicking!

MG 4418
What’s there?

MG 4355
Hidden stories

MG 4300
Black and White

MG 4230

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  1. I realise that this is 100% off topic, but I wanted to post it somewhere, so am posting it here.

    w.r.t the recent death of 2 people at the beach, with the massive number of posters in the campus warning against going to the beach, along with the warnings occassionally announced in class, dont you wonder if it was just "Darwin doing his part"?

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