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While university is first and foremost about studying, everyone knows there is slightly more to it than that. Many couples meet at college, and friendships are made there for life. With so many opportunities to meet and talk to new people, there is a lot of pressure to look good as well as keep up those grades. To help you along the way we’ve put together some handy advice on how to look great in whatever situation you might find yourself while studying!

Lectures, seminars, classes or labs are going to take up the majority of your time at college, at least during daylight hours. So while it is easy to get complacent about what you’re wearing in these situations, it is worth spending a bit of time on your outfit. This is where you will be meeting and talking with the majority of your university peers, as well as professors and potential future employers. Putting in a small amount of effort into presentation can reap significant future rewards. girl

When your focus is studying, clothes need to be chic but comfortable. Think cardigans and blouses or a laid-back shirt. Flat shoes are a must for walking around campus. Most important of all, however, are those librarian-style horn-rimmed glasses – a must-have accessory for that studious look!

There is, of course, so much more to getting a degree than studying. Think of all the time you spend doing extra-curricular activities, whether that’s cooking clubs, faith groups or sports societies. Such events are ideal opportunities to be more adventurous in your style choices and try something new. Sports teams will often have their own kit and may produce branded sweaters or hoodies that can be great as a memento of your university life years down the line.

If you’re doing gym-based workouts do not forget your sweat or yoga pants too. For people who will be practicing multiple times each week, always remember to keep up with your laundry schedule, and use an effective detergent – like this one! That way you will always have something fresh to grab in the morning.

Finally, let’s not forget what is clearly the most important part of university life: socialising. There are endless parties, social clubs, and dating opportunities to be had while you are at college so be sure to keep your closet well-stocked with an appropriate range of dresses or other smart clothes. Designer saris and elegant trouser-suits are great for formal events, like annual balls or dinners. Make sure to keep a cocktail dress for less formal occasions too!

Experimenting with fashion and trying out new styles at university is a fun way to let off steam between all the hard work. Having a browse on blogs for great outfits and ideas can make a nice break from the studying. And there’s a wealth of advice out there, too, from make-up tutorials on YouTube for any budding beauty artists to beard trimmer review sites for grooming-conscious guys. Remember to enjoy your clothes and your time there. As everyone knows, they are the best years of your life!

About the Author: A veteran of unsavoury housing arrangements, John spends his time writing, here, there, and everywhere. He likes to reflect on his experiences, or talk about tech, art, and philosophy.

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