29 Things That Make You realise You are An MIT Freshman!

welcome freshman

  1. You shout LAPTOPS! everytime ur at nlh..
  2. You make plans to bunk, but then you remember about the 75% attendence
  3. You bunk anyways…
  4. You send mass smses and then realise that you messaged your professor
  5. Your professor sends a reply asking you to complete your assignment and then see him after class..
  6. You still dont know which group you want to be a part of.
  7. You finally get your laptops….turns out they dont work proprly..
  8. You went to give your sessionals, didnt pepare for it, tried to copy from the guy in front of you….. turns out you knew more than him…..
  9. You bought tickets to tryst…sold them cuz u thought it wasnt worth it …..turns out it was…
  10. You cant figure out why couples make out at ‘frustration’ point..
  11. When obviously the workshop is a better place…
  12. You go to the hostel library to study…but end up doing everything but study…
  13. You get a 5 and a half in your sessionals….
  14. You’re proud of yourself cuz the smart guy in your class just got a 10…
  15. You call your seniors sir and ma’am
  16. You hate workshop…
  17. You hate EG more…
  18. You cant sleep….your friends ask you to read their ES book…
  19. You didnt read the book…didnt sleep at night….got addicted to the net…then figured out that BE class is way more effective at putting you to sleep…
  20. You have a crush on a guy turns out he likes you too but now you’re going around with his best friend..
  21. You walk all the way upto the greens to stare at the hot KMC girls…the girls stare at the cute HM guys….1945lawrentiancartoon sm
  22. You set your alarm at 3…hoping that when you wake up you’ll find the washing machine empty…
  23. You’re so glad that the food is cheap that you blow all your money on it.
  24. You then discover that you can’t pay for your laundry, and can’t buy sheets for EG next morning.
  25. You find out that the high quality camera cellphone you brought so lovingly from home is now going to get confiscated.
  26. You take it to class anyway.
  27. You are awake till 3 in the morning on Monday completing the assignment you could have finished the entire sunday you spent doing not very much at all.
  28. You are wondering whether you’ll be shouting ‘we want cycles’ at 11:05 a.m. sometime in the near future………
  29. You try to rag a 1st year thinking u r d alpha and the omega of being a BIG guy… bt then he jst flashes his sbi card….and then BAM u realise u in 4 sum ass pwning at sum seniors flat
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Pimped via the Facebook Group of MIT Freshmen 2007


  1. Seems to be from 3-4 yrs in the past, New laptops(since the current 4th years batch) have been pretty much OK, None of the hostels have student accessible washing machines AFAIK, and we do not ask our juniors to call us sir and maam. That was phased out when our batch(current 6th sem) came in.(Juniors still insist on calling us sir and maam though, even if they are older in age than us!!)

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