A Brief Respite: Manipal never fails IV

A brief respite: manipal never fails iv 1
Tranquil Village Peace; Cosmopolitan Bustling Town – Manipal Never Fails!

Camera: Canon EOS 1000D
Time of Day : 7: 20 am
Lens: 18-55mm
Focal Length: 35 mm
Exposure: 1/80
F Number : f4.5
ISO: 400

The very first days. Apprehensive, excited and curious.

It is a  place that has a lot riding on it for you. One last shot, one last move, the point of no return. An investment measured much beyond the opportunity cost, sunk cost and all the financial jargon rolled into one. You have reached there.

‘Fully A/C classrooms, total wi-fi coverage campus, academic rigor” are the terms you recollect. How will it be? A concrete jungle, teeming masses, bustling pavements, slick streets and zapping cars? Honks and blares, fumes and smog, executive suits and leather briefcases? Or geek squads and midnight oil?

You forget ‘nestled in the lap of nature’. You wake up in the morning and glance out of your room. The drizzle has just ended and yet wasn’t enough to dissipate the fog entirely. The early morning mist clinging to the underside of the blades of the grass. The pristine air, still. The faint vestige of smoke from an early morning kitchen fire, the lush green fields, the luxuriant vegetation beyond. The Silence. Tranquility.

A Brief Respite: Manipal never fails.

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A Final year PGDM student at TAPMI, Manipal, Sambit Mohanty is a passionate photographer who loves traveling when he is not busy studying to be the next big Management guru :)

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