What is a bittersweet memory?

It has been a long day. I am weary from standing, especially in those ill-fitting shoes all day. I am weary from covering shifts for others. I am weary from having to walk back from work everyday because someone has


650 – Kawasaki Ninja

After a relatively normal khatti session, on the way back home, we take a small detour through the recently renovated airport road and bump into my brother’s new found friends:  super-bike enthusiasts. “Go ahead, give it a try.” There is


A Brief Respite: Deepavali 2012

Date: 13th November 2012 Venue: The Well Event: Diwali DJ Night Organizers: The Welfare Com Necessity is the mother of Invention, or so they say. Despite several constraints and restrictions in place, the ever enterprising students managed to organize a