30 Nostalgic Photos of Manipal – 1997 to 2001

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #1 – The Syndicate Circle at the entrance of Manipal Town.

001. Syndicate Circle - Welcome to Manipal
Welcome to Manipal… before the rapid urbanization, it was just like any sleepy little town in the hinterlands of the south Indian state of Karnataka. The Syndicate Circle is the first landmark that announced the arrival to the university town of Manipal.

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #2 – Parking area next to academic block MIT Manipal.

002. Parking at Manipal Institute of Technology
Parking at the Manipal Institute of Technology circa 1998. Bikes were still allowed on campus and there were vast open spaces next to the various buildings in the campus.

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #3 – Venugopal temple in sepia tone!

003. Venugopal Temple
The Venugopal Temple. There was not much of a rush even back then and the dome of the temple was much whiter.

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #4 – an End Point with barren land and the road to nowhere.

004. The Road to End Point Manipal
There is a vast difference from the current appearance of End Point, Manipal. Back in the late nineties, End Point was just a vast barren hilltop, with not much vegetation. Over the next decade, there appeared a Cricket ground, two football grounds and a park. Finally the arrival of the District Collectors office and the town hall have shut of this beautiful landscape…

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #5 – An underconstruction building in the MIT Manipal Campus.

005. The MIT Hostel under construction
The student intake was quite low and did not require many hostels. There were vast open spaces within the campus and even elsewhere across the town as well. In this pic from 1997, the construction of one of the newer hostels is in the process.

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #6 – The MIT Swimming pool in all its glory.

006. MIT Swimming pool
The Manipal Institute of Technology, MIT, Swimming pool in the year 1998.

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #7 – The MIT Central Library

007. MIT Central Library
The Manipal Institute of Technology, MIT, Central library 15 years ago.

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #8 – The MIT Manipal gymnasium with equipment of the past.

008. The Gym
The MIT Manipal Gymnasium. Not so state-of-the-art, yet enthusiastic fitness freaks still used to visit.

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #9 – The only cinema in town at that time: Video Cinerama

009. Video Cinerama next to present day Dollops
Next to present day Dollops was the only cinema in town – Video Cinerama or more popularly known as VC. Just imagine!!

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #10 – The Kamath circle area before the Kamath circle was built!

010. Kamath Circle
The Kamath Circle. This was well before they thought of building a circle at the place… let alone the wall and the gate!!

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #11 – MIT Manipal in all its green splendour!

011. Green MIT, Manipal
A Green Manipal Institute of Technology Circa 2000

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #12 – AB1

012. Somethings haven't Changed - MIT, Manipal
Somethings haven’t Changed – MIT, Manipal

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #13 – The MIT Quadrangle

013. The MIT Quadrangle
The MIT Quadrangle has been a witness to many revolutionary and historic events and still remains as silent as ever!

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #14 – The MIT Quadrangle from the other end.

014. The MIT Quadrangle
The MIT Quadrangle from the opposite end…

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #15 – What was then the Department of Architecture!

015. Architecture Dept
Department of Architecture from 15 years ago… Some years away from becoming the MSAP and then finally FAPD 😀

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #16 – Department of Architecture, MIT , Manipal

016. Architecture Dept 2
The Department of Architecture in Grayscale 😀

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #17 – On the roof of 2nd Block Hostels.

017. Block II Roof MIT circa 1997
Block 2 Roof about 16 years ago!! Yes, it was still a boys hostel back then!!

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #18 – Celebrating Holi! Manipal Style!!

018. D20 Vs D25 holi MIT circa 1997
Scenes from the Holi celebration in 1997… This one from a contest between the D20 boys and D25 boys …

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #19 – Devas

019. Devas
Devas… for all the late night coffees and snacks… Something that Timmy Anna is famous for today!!

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #20

020. Endless Point - silsila in manipal would have been shot here
The Endless Point… all but Vanishing today… people used to say that if Silsila were shot in Manipal… it would be here 🙂

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #21 – D-20

021. GoodOlD20
All the good looking guys line up for a class photo at D-20 !!

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #22 – That’s how you build a body!

022. Gym
The MIT Manipal Gym on a different day… more enthusiasm…

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #23 – The Syndicate Bank Counter!

023. No Money, No honey..... then pay a visit here.....
No Money, No honey….. then pay a visit here….. Back in the era before the ATM’s became more commonplace!!

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #24

024. The 9th Block...
The 9th Block… MIT Manipal

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #25

025. The paradise where many a love stories were born.....
The paradise where many a love stories were born… Does any one know what happened to it?

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #26

026. TheBrindavan of MIT
The Brindavan of MIT… opposite the Venu Gopal Temple

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #27

027. Tiger Circle
Tiger circle before they built the Manipal Logo fountain!

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #28

028. Valley View
Valley View in 1998…

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #29

029. VC
Another View of the Video Cinerama at Night

Nostalgic Photos of Manipal #30

030. vgt
To round up… the Ganesha enclave within the Venu Gopal Temple

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