On the Way

  1. Jet lag is real. Try to minimize it by being smart. Ask for a pillow and blanket as soon as you board. Pack some cozy socks in your travel bag to slip on for a long flight. Resist the temptation to sleep as soon as you arrive at your foreign destination, unless it is the normal time for bed there. This will prevent you from waking at 3:00 a.m. ready to start your day. Drink lots of water on the plane! Avoiding alcohol, regulating your diet, and getting sun exposure also help conquer fatigue.
  2. Staying healthy. Wearing a charcoal filter facemask on the plane can help purify the air you breathe and prevent a cold after you return home. Sharper Image sells a pendant that can be discreetly worn around the neck that does the same thing. Take Pepto Bismol before the trip to avoid stomachaches. To keep the blood moving, get up and walk around the cabin whenever you can, or do leg calisthenics.
  3. Eye drops can refresh and keep eyes moist during the flight and later while on tour. Some doctors recommend “Refresh” available in single use vials or 15 oz. bottles.
  4. Where’s my bag? If an airline loses your luggage, complete the “lost baggage” report with the airline responsible for the loss – regardless of the inconvenience. This must be done before leaving the airport. Be sure to secure the identification tags provided with the tour to each piece of luggage.

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