To a Forgetting Memory….. 500th Post of !!

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You are the first flower of spring,
spreading its mesmerising fragrance
A whisper in colossal hall of silence
A hope to a never ending lameness
A dope to a blinding brightness
A pure thought making my soul refine
You are….what words fall short to define
I had let you to be the reason for my heart to beat
I laid my life in your seasons to greet
But Reasons change…., Seasons change….
Strength or weakness, I wasn’t even sure
Left alone like a soldier in a war, he didn’t wish to fight for
Left alone like a crippled, to watch the world pass by,
I lay wishing to break off, from the spell of your enchanting eyes
Waiting and wanting for a new dawn
But he who is from hell is not scared of hot ashes
He who is revitalised ain’t scared of a thousand lashes
A victim of my own paranoia
I shall now break off from this mind decaying hysteria
Rejuvinating our lives, from where we started the rhyme
Forgetting you, but not the time…..


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