Bury me away – A Poem by Utkarsh Tripathi

Bury Me Away Utkarsh Tripathi 1

I am dead now,a walking corpse;
I am fearless now,can endure the loss;
Bury me alive darling,hide away your past;
But that lingering disappointment will always last;

There used to be a time,I could hide my face in your hair;
And the world suddenly seemed brighter,i had nothing to care;
A carefree lad I was,Now i am a careless puppet of clay;
Bury me alive darling,just take my pain away;

I see how far i’ve come,since destiny crossed our ways;
I went from heaven to hell,now i’m just passing my days;
My mind still can’t blame you,I know I’m the one at fault;
But i was a human too,I cant stand this mental assault;

And so i lay in my agony,in this rotting carnival of rust;
My shattered dreams around me,I watch them crumble to dust;
I pray to you my love,put me out of my misery today;
Bury me alive my darling,just move on and bury me away…….

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