Hope – Dipasha Mukherjee

let me live

Whose Baby Anjali Jagannath 2

let me believe
that theres a world beyond the despair i see
let me dream of a perfect place for me
let me hope
let me be delusional if thats what you think i am
but don’t break the windows of hope..let me dream on
i won’t give up till the last breath thats left in me
if thats criminal to you..then in my solitude let me be
each time i fall i will make my way up again
i will weave the threads of happiness from my pain
and though the gossamer linking me to my joy is flimsy to your eyes
i have learnt when there is sunset there is also sunrise
yes its difficult to understand what i mean
but then again you haven’t seen life as i have seen
and even though a part of me thinks like you
my heartbeat says to me
nothing is impossible when there is hope…..

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