Things to Know When Your Baby Starts Crawling

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For parents, it is indeed an amazing feeling to see their babies growing. At initial stages, babies seem to grow slowly, but with the advent of time growth seems to get quick paced. Your baby will learn to flip on the bed. Gradually, it shall learn to sit and then stand up. When babies learn how to sit, at the next stage they generally go for crawling. It is a natural thing for most of the human beings. However, a few babies may not crawl at all. Apart from those rare cases, it has been found that babies crawl after certain age. Parents need to know a few important facts about when do babies crawl.

Crawling Happens at Different Ages

According to esteemed pediatricians, different babies learn crawling at different stages of time of development or growth. Some babies start crawling early, and some babies learn it later. There is nothing abnormality in early or late crawling. All these things are perfectly natural. Typically, babies start rolling over from the age of 4-5 months. As they gradually grow, they start learning crawling. So, rolling over is a significant time for a baby’s growth. It indicates that soon your baby shall start learning to crawl. Generally, at the age of 5 months, crawling process starts.

Parents Should Be Careful

When baby starts crawling, parents should be careful. Initially, babies will start rolling as well as crawling on the bed. As they gain confidence, they shall start crawling on larger area of the bed. This enhances risk for falling for babies. So, you need to keep eyes on your baby carefully. If your baby falls from bed, it may get hurt severely. At tender age, you should make sure that your baby gets lesser physical damage issues.

It is good to help babies to crawl on the floor, but in that case hygiene has to be maintained. Babies have the habit to eat whatever they find on the floor. Thus, make sure that floor of your house is perfectly cleaned. Do not scatter stuffs at the floor when you allow baby to crawl on the floor. The floor should be cleaned with perfection on daily basis so that it remains germ free as much as possible. The idea is keeping baby safe from any unwanted diseases. Unhealthy or unhygienic floor can cause digestive problems, skin issues and many other problems for the baby.

Some Babies Do Not Crawl at All

As it has been stated, some babies do not scrawl at all, and this is not something unnatural or unusual. For a few babies, it is perfectly fine. After rolling, a lot of babies skip the crawling part and they try sitting and then gradually standing. When they completely learn standing, they shall try walking. Hence, there is no requirement for crawling when your baby has learnt to walking. So, when baby is not crawling, parents should not be worried. It is absolutely natural.

Allow Elder Sibling to Help

Every baby has special relationship with elder sibling. The relationship has often been considered as “love and hate” relationship. Parents must allow elder sibling to mingle with babies and elder siblings often help babies to crawl, sit and stand.

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