These days, oh damn.

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Walking by to our classroom today morning, I wondered about how life had changed in Manipal. No, not about how life changed after I came to Manipal but how the second semester here seemed a bit different, a hell lot hectic and completely screwed up. Literally. I remember studying sufficiently in the first semester and getting a 9.60 GPA. Yes, that was great. But now? For the same I guess I have to slog it out. Damn.

Being a part of the IEEE coordinate committee here, I got to know many seniors at MIT. On realizing that she was also a nine-pointer, I asked a senior, ‘Didi, aap yeh GPA maintain kaise karte ho?’ to which I was given a surprising and unnervingly short reply, ‘Ho jaata hai’. Maybe it does…or does it? Argh.

So, besides the persistent curricular troubles, I am now in the IEEE committee and unfortunately that means, being a mule for six days and (damn) more. Agreed, that it is what every freshie has to do to grow up the ranks, it gets undoubtedly hectic. More than often, I find myself surviving on Wai Wai from the night canteen while sitting in my room, freakishly tired. Not to forget I am doing the same now, although for totally unrelated reasons (I went to the food court and I came walking right out, you now know the reason). To top it all, I have these competitions to compete in, one involving the making of a robot and that gets to my nerves. No, making a robot is fun but if that includes frequent trips to Mahalasa Electronics (The only sane electronics shop here i.e. Udupi + Manipal) during the mid-morning and sometimes at noon, frequent visits to the ATM and yes, work in the MIT Workshop, not to forget some workshops, duty at IEEE kiosks (Yes, kiosk is the word. Infodesk is just not classy, not to forget grammatically incorrect), life takes in every pain imaginable to get to the next stage towards hell.

Besides the entire list above, not only do I have a hell lot of electronics around me, and Arduino development board always on my desk and a laptop on my lap/bed/desk/others, sleep eludes me. Yes, Mother Sleep, wherefore art thou? Usual bouts of yawning in class, not to forget bouts of teleportation into dream land and back…what do they do in class anyway? Geez.
Well, to conclude, life is just another misconducted cluster of bits and pieces off the college world, crammed unhealthily into one superior (He he, yes) system i.e. Me. 
bang head here
Oh, and if you do share the same/similar/worse(oops) condition to mine, please follow the above instructions. I believe they work every time. 
Signing off…


  1. And I thought the life of an Intern is the only thing that is hectic!!This sums up the life of any student!!

  2. Aditya, that's an awesome post! Sorry if I am adding to the woes 🙁 ….

    @Thotaster – Hmmm… you have a nice blog there, but it's been inactive for a while!! Internship really sucks the life out of any soul 🙁

  3. I guess not. Days are going to be longer, better and smoother after the sixth.

    @Thotaster, however clichéd I might sound, a silver lining is not far off. For any student in that case.

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