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Hey there. I’m new here, this is my first time ever posting on this site. Have been cracking my head for the past few days abut what to write, and when I actually had the slightest bit of inspiration, I was deprived of the connection to the net. Anyways, since this is my first post, I suppose it would be okay for me to share about my life in Manipal so far.

Being in the Melaka Manipal twinning program, I only get to spend 2 and a half years here in Manipal – Of which, at the end of every semester, I run back home. Right now, I’m on vacation after completing my 3rd sem, so when I get back to Manipal, I’d be breaking my neck for my University Examination. Two years ago, Manipal was just an option. Now, it is THE choice of my life.
It’s difficult to express one’s passion towards the place to people who have not tasted the bittersweet air of Manipal. But no harm trying , rite ? =P

I arrived at Manipal on a wet wet day of the month of September. As I am typing this post, I’m looking for that which I wrote then on my blog. Moving on, checking into the Hostels wasn’t as comforting as one would think. It had seemed all so lifeless – and sad. The total opposite of what it was when we left 6 months later.The sights and sounds of Manipal was somewhat a sort of fascination with the honking of the autos, the road-side stalls, the cowss ( I’m being a little jakun but in Malaysia, we only hear of cows. Its rare to actually see one. Here, the cows are a big part of our everyday life) It probably wasn’t a love at first sight kind of scene, but it was a love that lasts.

Over the next one year, we discovered many outlets to hang out, most of them via words of wisdom passed down from batch to batch. I may be somewhat a little blunt in stereotyping but I dare say you’re not a true Manipalite unless

  • You have eaten at fish max and developed an unexplained need to make it a weekly routine to munch on the crispy cuttlefish
  • you do not remember what your Saturday night was
  • You’d fight with the auto guys for 5 rupees 
  • you have been treated with cephalosporins

The list goes on. Everyday is an adventure and there are just too many things to learn – in and out of the textbooks. I think Manipal institute is the only center where dissection is given its fair of focus. Not everyone gets the chance to wake up for an 8 am session of formalin stinging your nose. First year was fun. Second year is a little bulky. We have to go to great lengths to make our while worth =S Before I forget, MARENA is truly a remarkable concept. The final touch to make Manipal the PERFECT center of education. I cant think of anything more to write for now. I hope wha I’ve shared for today was worth your time reading it. I freely welcome any sincere feedback.


  1. It was great reading your post… I relived my two years in Manipal in your four paragraphs! :)and I misss Fish Max! 😀

  2. Hi Tharuman. Welcome to blogging at ManipalBlog.com!! A Good solid beginning by you here!! I bet everyone of us can relate to most of the points you have made here!!

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