The unsung heroes of Manipal,Chapter 2: The good samaritan

The good samaritan Photo credits: Sravan Chenji

This might be simple and common, but yet this is something to be told about . Acts of good deed are rare to come by these days, as people are more worried about their comfort and luxuries rather than the pain and suffering of another.

Coming to our story , there was a person called Michael (name has been changed ) who was getting rehabilitated at a clinic. The treating doctor felt that Michael will be benefited by music. Michael loved the guitar and somehow listening or playing it kept him calm through the day . Hence word was spread that Michael needs a guitar for his rehabilitation and if anyone could donate one . Sam ( name has been changed) was one of the students studying in the local university who also happened to be a guitar player. As soon as he saw the request for Michael, he felt that music should reach him one way or the other. So he decided to give his old guitar to Michael.

The good samaritan Photo credits: Sravan Chenji
The good samaritan
Photo credits: Sravan Chenji

We all know how difficult it is to part with things we love and needless to say musicians are no different in that regard, but Sam did. Lets hope Michael finds peace in the music .

It might have been a simple deed, but somehow it restored my faith in humanity.

Author:Sravan Chenji

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