The Sweet taste of Revenge – Adyasha Ranbir


The sweet taste of revenge - adyasha ranbir 1A raging need that roots out calm

A fixation that brings but harm

This growing ache to see them wronged

The very ones dishonouring our bond


We plan,we plot, we brood and stalk

We lay in wait cannily for our mark

And then we strike with fury and fire

Impelling them to face our ire


And when our basest yearnings bear fruit

We are faced with elation,so strong and true

The sweetest sensation renders us dumb

To wild unfettered joy do we succumb


Mythology is replete with instances of revenge

Ones greatly planned and brought about

Be it the Kurukshetra war or Mahdev’s ire

It has burned as true as a flaming fire


Retribution is a thorny road to travel

It makes for quite a blood strewn path

But when our plans do unravel

That makes a pretty satisfied heart


Its mean,its ugly, unfinished business

Of which puritans speak disparagingly

But to one who has savoured its sweetness

The price to pay is but measly

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