The Real Goa!

Sarzora Lake, South Goa (Akshay Badkar Photography)

Being from Goa, I’ve always wanted to write a post about my state and how different it is, from the usual perspective the tourists come to the state with.

Well, the first impression which comes to mind when somebody mentions “Goa” is the beaches, white sands, white skin, the cheap alcohol, clubs, and then nobody remembers the rest. Most of the people visiting end up in the areas around North Goa, Baga, Candolim etc. That may be a stretch of about 15-20 kms out of the total coastline stretch of a 101 kms. So how much of Goa have you actually seen? You can do the math!

Miramar Beach, North Goa (Akshay Badkar Photography)
Miramar Beach, North Goa (Akshay Badkar Photography)

You might be surprised to know that 40% of Goan area is covered with forests, with about 8 major wildlife sanctuaries which attracts quite a lot of trekking enthusiasts and bird watchers. The high number of photographers in the state,doesn’t mean we are some geniuses in this field, the simple logic is whatever people click comes out beautiful by default!! 😉

The Western Ghats houses a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Numerous streams and waterfalls originate here. In fact the famous “Komban Gaon” in the Chennai Express was actually the well-known Dudhsagar Waterfalls. Goa also houses a large number of temples and churches of which some are  World Heritage sites.

Thanks to the thousands of scenic locations, Bollywood has kind of shifted to Goa. In the past few years among the movies I have watched, about 80% are shot in Goa.

We tell most of the people who want to visit, that the best time is from November to February. Yes true! Mainly due to short winter season, in otherwise a hot n humid climate.. when we know that the state looks most beautiful in the monsoons. May be we like to keep this season to ourselves. 😉

The best way to explore this state is by hiring a bike and moving about on your own. The awesome narrow roads laden with beautiful coconut trees, the old Portuguese style of architecture and houses, form the real essence of Goa.

So next time you meet a Goan don’t ask for Feni(a local alcoholic drink) or cashews, instead come, visit the place, experience the life beyond the booze, beaches and babes!! 😉

In short The Real Goa! 🙂

Sarzora Lake, South Goa (Akshay Badkar Photography)
Sarzora Lake, South Goa (Akshay Badkar Photography)

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Post by Akshay Badkar.

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