The Rat Race by Kavya Upadhya

Well this is what is happening to us these days… The world is hypnotized. Someone said this is the right thing to do at this age and 100 rats follow him. We are running, as though life is a marathon.

You think God is waiting at the end with a trophy to hand over?

Why? Why do we have to run so blindly, so desperately? 10th then 12th , phir graduate, phir postgraduate, phir super specialty, between all this marriage, kids, money… Yes we are like the rats, we just want to race.

Just take a moment off from everything. Go for a jog, have a drink, make friends, laugh out loud, pamper yourself, probably write something on Manipal blog :).

Cos this is what is life about. Be the rat but the human way, the way we are supposed to be.

About the author: This is a guest post by Dr. Kavya Upadhya who is presently at Kasturba Hospital Manipal.

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