The Proposal

Walking with you in this even sun,

I wonder about what life has done,

Is this the correct time to hold your hand?

I wish my thoughts could make more sense.


The calmness of the sea, with its waves hitting the shore,

Speak well of the turbulence of our chores;

These lofty trees, with their green leaves,

An image of the expectations, do they weave?

The setting sun marks a new day,

The wind in our faces, most refreshing in its way;

And the sand beneath giving away,

Just like the erratic times, come that may.


Could it be better in any other way?

You walking towards your heart’s desire,

With me at heels, leading the way;

We know full well, for long, we cannot stay,

Yet nobody wants to end the play;

Isn’t it the perfect story of every life?

Of men and women and their eternal strife.

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