Entry No. 10-Dilemma of their ‘One-sided Love’ by Charru

valentines day contest



“Seated among this dissonance,

Looking at the front entrance,

My solitary encephalon was in midst of a day-dream.

Then he embarked through that door,

My lusty eyes hoped something more,

But the mind debated and spirit let out avaricious scream.


He is the class-dude and hunk,

Thinking of which always my heart sunk,

For my eyes saw only him while his dreamt of the world.

Gemini persona made me great at multi-tasking,

Leading me to believe almost anything,

But that smirk scourged my head and my blood swirled.


It’s the valentine week again,

That transformed me to a comedienne,

Contemplating why he doesn’t accept the proposals whilst I call it ‘closure’.

I don’t know what this means to you,

But my kernel has to paddle its own canoe.

It’s never going to happen as for you I am a muggings and dull enclosure.”


“Sitting on the bench behind hers,

Amidst her essence that overcomes any tedium that incurs,

How do I tell her that this handsome jokester heeds to her wit.

Every glamorous batch-mate attends to me,

But my oculus searches her in glee.

I have lost my mind now and making no effort to search for it.


She is one chatty precious being,

With every pros and cons foreseeing,

And my heart spurs the moment she passes by.

This Sagittarian around only you feels comfy,

Whilst everywhere else just a pleasant dummy,

Zealously waiting for the apple of his eye.


It’s the valentine week again that urges me to make a move,

But the lonesome creature is afraid you would disapprove.

No more one-sided love, this dread I will confront with my tagline.

‘Zodiacally-compatible’ and totally crazy, aren’t we? I know not of future,

But my busted heart only you can suture.

So, will you be my valentine?”


About the author: Charru is a student in 12th Standard from Dhanbad, Jharkhand. This is an entry for the Valentine’s day poetry competition.


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