Auto-walas, Why you like this?

I asked a girl, “Can’t you just raise your voice or complain when you find yourself trapped under a wrong situation?” The  answer was, “I can’t shout and why should I complain? They hadn’t seen that incident happening and possibility is there, they might think me to be characterless!” My question to all the ladies/girls out there is- Why are you afraid to raise your voice? Can’t you fight for your own safety and security? Whom are you scared of? The public or yourself?


I went into a deep thought soon after listening to my friend’s story; the one day she went alone in an auto and  got harassed by that douchebag. Sorry for the language used, but I wouldn’t have found a better word for that auto-wala. How innocently we refer those auto-walas as ‘Anna’ and ‘Bhaiya’, but do they really care about that? Don’t you think that sometimes it’s not worthy calling them by those names? It would be an insult for that pure Brother-Sister bond, love and relationship. I agree that few of the auto-walas are very helpful and understanding but this rule is not applicable to almost 75% of those morons. In one way or the other they try to take advantage of you, either follow a long route, talk non-sense on the way, tease you in a language you don’t understand- Kanadda is the reference over here, touch you while taking the money etc. I mention here just few of them because the list would go from Kashmir to Kanyakumari if I start from A to Z.


People wake up and look around you- your daughter, sister, wife, mother are getting visually, verbally and sometimes even sexually molested/harassed. Why in the world are only girls  the victims, why not boys? Did you give that a thought? Keep quiet no longer, we’ll sing through the day, of the lives that we’ve lost, and the lives we’ve reclaimed. And girls- time has come to stand for your benefit, speak-up for the sake of justice, if not for others at least for yourself and your family. “You save yourself or you remain unsaved.” ― Alice Sebold. 


The conditions of auto-walas as a whole have deteriorated from a respectful ‘Bhaiya’ figure to a filthy scary ‘Monster’ face. When we joined our college, we thought Mangalore is a better place for girls to live. But no place is a heaven, all roads pass through hell. ‘Mangalore- you should be ashamed now.’



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