The Pot and the Kettle: A Finger-Pointing excercise in futitlity


Everywhere in the country, the words “politicians” and “corruption” are used in the same breath as though they were synonyms. In some cases and in some places, once a person enters the political arena he or she is perceived, automatically, as corrupt.

An Internet search reveals hundreds of examples of politicians who have been accused of corruption, as well as those who have been convicted.

The fact is that it is the nature of our politics that breeds corruption. Our citizens make unreasonable financial demands of our politicians, and if the politicians fail to deliver the largesse, they are voted out of power. It is no secret that our citizens demand payment from politicians for their votes, with the vote going to the highest bidder.corruption 1

Most of our politicians are middle class but not wealthy people, who cannot meet the demands of their constituents from their personal resources. They are therefore forced to approach “benefactors” for help, and then become slaves to these benefactors, who demand their pound of flesh.

If we are serious about ending corruption, then we must take the first step and stop pressing our politicians for handouts. They will then have no need to end up in the pockets of “benefactors” who expect nay demand enormous returns on their “investment”.

We, the citizens, must take the first step if we are serious about ending corruption.

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