The Not So Real Story Behind the New Rules at MIT

Jihad and Terrorism
The Real Reason for the " Aborted " New Rules
Jihad and terrorism
The Real Reason For The &Quot; Aborted &Quot; New Rules

In most recent news, walking around campus with earphones in your ears, is now restricted.  Not surprisingly, a majority of the student community is shocked at this illogical and unlawful violation of civil rights.

The aim of this article, however, is to make the students understand the point of view of the administration.

 In recent times, India and in fact the world has suffered many terrorist attacks, thanks to numerous religious extremists groups. This decision is one of the many to-come decisions, that MIT will take, to cut terrorism in India.

For if one cannot put on earphones, while walking around the campus, how can he/she listen to Jihadi propaganda/ lectures or Al-Jazeera radio? Thus this is a step to eliminate the problem at it’s root.

One could argue that students of MIT might still log on to to check out Al-Jazeera videos. But the college authorities are one step ahead in thought, and hence have implemented another rule.

No laptops to be operated after 10 PM.

According to confirmed figures, 10-12 is the peak time when MIT students have been found searching ‘How to wage Jihad’ and ‘How to become a terrorist’ on the famous web search engine Google. Hence the authorities have decided to restrict their access to all such literature, thereby again stopping the problem at it’s root.

Not allowing more than three people to assemble in corridors and the ban on bringing outside food into the hostels, cuts out entirely the risk of students spreading terrorist ideas among their fellow students and the smuggling of arms and grenades into the hostels.

MIT is doing everything in it’s power to stop the inflow of educated youth into terrorist activities, by detaching their impressionable minds from such ideas. It is doing it’s bit to help India fight terrorism.

Hence, It fills my heart with immense pride on studying in such a college.

P.S : All facts in this article are made up but you already knew that, didn’t you



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