The Last Meal in Manipal

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The food in Manipal presents with a variety of opportunities for the taste buds of the ever-increasing student population. The food in Manipal  will be an everlasting titillation to the taste buds, long after the students who enter as teenagers, graduate and leave for a secure future. But there are certain dishes that are worth a last meal when you leave the place. This article tries to find that one meal that you will always remember and would like to be your Last meal in Manipal.

The question arises though, what would constitute a meal? Is it the savoury snacks you can have on the roadside; or should it be had at one of the many fine-dine hotels in this university town? I’ve tried to name that one taste that will linger long after Manipal becomes a distant milestone in the past.

There are many options, so I shall list the top 10 that just roll of my mind here –

  1. Who can discount that evergreen favourite that almost every true blooded Manipalite will swear by? The Potato Lovers at Snack Shack. Just imagining those potatoes fried with a tangy tingling taste and an orange float to go with it, brings back memories to even the least nostalgic person. Surely, it would qualify as the most wanted last meal in Manipal. Right?Potato Lovers at Snack shack
  2. Another crowd favorite in the past “The Jack Shack Burger” at Snack Shack would be an option that may well qualify for your last meal in Manipal. Maybe, you could allow it to play a tango with the potato lovers and go to food heaven for one last time before leaving Manipal.
  3. Why not try something at Dollops? I mean, it’s the place that you probably went to, to have lunch at on your first visit to Manipal all those years ago. So what do we choose here for the last meal at Manipal? How about the unique, Liver pepper fry? A very unusual preparations, It’ll probably stay in your memories for a long time.
  4. Or maybe you’d like some Chicken Lollipop at Dollops. I mean, the place is so happening on most nights and the food doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket if you’ve got company! Coupled with a plate of the delicious “Chicken Biryani”, I’m sure, most would savour the combo as their last meal at Manipal, before boarding the bus home, never to return, never to say one last goodbye.
  5. You may want to try the “Barbeque and iced mint tea at Chef Inn“. A nice way to round off the bitter-sweet memories you’ve mad in Manipal.
  6. Probably the “Alfam chicken at Daanish” or the “Shawarma at HotSpot“. Both, providing you with some sweet and sour flavors that will help you reflect on what has been and what could have been, on the long journey back home.
  7. Or maybe, you’d like to take your sweet heart to Atill for a lavish do with its famous Chicken Biryani, Neer Dose and Fish curry. Come on, its your last meal, and a little splurging for the sweet heart is on right?
  8. Then there is always the call from your besties. Yaar, chal, aaj last day hai, ghoomne jayenge. And off you go on a last ride, maybe you take a rickshaw or on a friends bike. Finally, its time to leave, but you want to grab a quick bite with them. Where else? Kachoris/Jamoons/Samosa chat at Tiwari’s? Yep. That would definitely bring back memories!!
  9. Butter Chicken at Saiba would be amazing last meal, but then, Saiba somehow doesn’t have the same appeal as the next one on this list!
  10. For most of us though, it would be a visit to DeeTee, one last time and then what else, but Red Kitchen for the parcel and we’re off on our way out of Manipal! Doing what we do every Saturday.

So, what would be your last meal in Manipal? What was your last meal in Manipal?

Do leave your answers in the comments below, and lets rekindle out memories of a life well spent in our beloved Manipal a few years down the line! ManipalBlog will forever be your shrine to the memories that we call Manipal!

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  1. Breakfast in food court…. That’s been the last one till now but it’s definitely not The LAST ONE!

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