The insecurity of graduating

I wonder what it will be like "out there" for them. Photo: Sambit Mohanty / ManipalBlog.

“There’s no place like home,” said Prajakta as she wished her way back to Mumbai. Nithin Shetty counters, “You can never go home again.”

These two quotes come to my mind as I watch a new batch near graduation. It’s different than high school. Scarier. A common line seems to be, “I just want out.” It isn’t said, however, with the joy and abandon that marks the words of a high school senior. There’s a note of trepidation.

I think to myself, “They’re scared.” And I’m glad I’m not graduating.

I wonder what it will be like “out there” for them. Home might really seem like a great place to be. But something tells me it won’t be the same. The place will seem different. Changed.

The insecurity of graduating 1
I Wonder What It Will Be Like “Out There” For Them. Photo: Sambit Mohanty / Manipalblog.

Not really. Only one thing is changed.


Memories of childhood may pass through their minds. Of the good times. And the bad. A few tears may trickle down a few cheeks.

Then it passes.

There’s a future. Scary perhaps, but it’s there for the making.

Home will always be a place to go back to. It will always be different. And the memories will always be there.

People will change. Grow.

No, you can’t go back to the home of your childhood. But whatever changes there may be, I think Prajakta’s right, there is absolutely “no place like home.

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