The exclusive wonder of nature in Western Australia

The experience of Western Australia is totally unique; you will not have time to stay in your bed and breakfast room as nowhere in the world will you find the amazing corals full of vibrant fish, largest monolith, Jewel cave, thousands of limestone pillars, soaring red gorges and colossal waterfalls.

Here are some places where you will find exclusive to this part of world:

This is the reef at Western Australia’s mid north coast, it’s termed as one of Earth’s last ocean paradises. The marine park stretches 260 kilometers from Bundegi Reef near the town of Exmouth to Amherst Point near Coral Bay in the south.

You can dive with hundreds of tropical fish, colorful coral and world’s biggest fish, the whale shark, at unspoiled Ningaloo Reef. It’s perfect for a snorkel swim with elegant manta rays, dolphins and schools of brightly colored fish in clearest turquoise blue water. You can also see rare turtle species hatch here in late January and February.

Shark Bay 

Shark bay is world renowned for its bottle nose dolphins of Monkey mia. The dolphins are well-known for their almost daily ritual of swimming to shore to interact with humans. The turquoise waters are so clear that you can easily spot the docile dugongs, manta rays and marine turtles.

Shark Bay is also home to the remarkable Hamelin Pool stromatolites – the oldest and largest living fossils in the world.

Mount Augustus

The monument of Aboriginal history, rock art and wildlife, Mount Augustus rises an incredible 860 meters above the surrounding plain and is twice to size of Uluru, making it the biggest rock in the world. Aboriginal culture can be seen in mysterious caves and ancient aboriginal rock art sites that have remained untouched for thousands of years. You can see evidence of their lives in the engravings on rock walls at Mundee, Ooramboo and Beedoboon

Jewel Cave 

Hidden in the beautiful Karri forest, Jewel cave has giant formations of crystals and very little natural light. You descent down a long, narrow tunnel which opens at the top of first giant cavern makes for a spectacular introduction to the cave.

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